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      Had a few hours to kill at 1am and found a nice chorus setting:



      A&B: A-0 / B-10 (for a complex doubling chorus add a little A and slow down with speed knob to taste)


      Xnkob: OFF

      DMod: 14

      Speed: 4.36Hz

      Filter: 86

      With this you can get a very Pure Digital Chorus, generally once you
      have this dialed in above, change how far the de-tuning slides with the
      depth knob and control the wobbling speed with the speed… Have not quite found the watery wobble but very close!

      Of course for Phasing tones just slow down the speed, not sure what else
      can be done to get more phasing, not a lot of trialing with a modulaton hunt, so open to
      ideas phasing with a TF.

      You can even out the A/B spread to get a more complex chorus with a
      doubling effect but you will likely have to slow the speed down to help
      the intensity if you do so, also you can up the Xknob for some raspy bit
      grit in the tone.

      What are you doing to create a modulation effect with your timefactor?

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      Hi Mook. (I have not "seen" you in awhile, since I left MLP). Good to see you. I will check out your setting. I now have an H9 so I am running a PF, MF, TF, and the H9. It totally insane. I put on my of the verb algorithms on the H9. When Space came out I thought "how much verb do I really need"? When I started to addition them with the H9 I was blown away. Now back to dripping sounds. I run my MF uni vibe algo into a tape preset on the TF. I gets down right chewy. Very 3D. One last question. Have you tried running the H9 Control editor with your factor series pedals, yet? So cool. Take good care, peace.

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      Thanks St Bede, how'd you like the chorus? 🙂

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