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      Hello, using my Morningstar MC6 I can access half speed and reverse on the looper. I can’t find any way to access double speed though. I know how to do it on the pedal but I want to use the MC6. Could someone please advise? Thanks. Aaron

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      You never said what the messages you set up on the controller.
      There are multiple ways. Here’s one way:
      TF MIDI CC Parameter Control Knob for speed (KB8) has properly assigned [MINVAL], [MAXVAL], when setting up MIDI on that destination, use left footswitch to toggle MIN/MAX VALUE assignment and turn the knob til it displays the furthest value. If the other options work on the controller side, I assume you just need to double-check your work/programming.
      It could also be on the controller source side, probably should check its sending a max value of 127 (or min val 0) to that controller/knob (KB8)… should be on CC#30/KB8 if TF is still in its default mapping.

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