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      I'm trying to figure out how to do a straight quarter note and dotted eighth note dual delay with the Timefactor. When I set up the pedal to do so though, I get a strange delay pattern. (For reference, I got the exact same pattern from a TC Electronics Nova Delay trying to do the same thing). A guy on a different forum (who also has a Timefactor) couldn't explain why mine was doing what it was doing, as his does exactly what I want.

      To help clarify what I'm looking for, I recorded two clips and posted them at http://www.purevolume.com/drewburson

      The first clip is the Timefactor doing the weird pattern, and the second is the pattern I'm trying to get. Anyone have any idea how I can get that pattern? Thanks!

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      Daisy chain output 1 into input 2. Then you get two delays in series.

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      Would it ever be possible to decide internally via an OS update whether the delays should be in parallel or series? That would make the TimeFactor my ultimate delay. I love having parallel delays but I also need to have 2 series delays. I don't want to buy another delay pedal just to try and get this….

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      so is the delay on the pitchfactor set up in series? cause from this description it sounds like that's how it is.

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      The best way to answer this is to say they are independent. By that I mean Delay A and Delay B process on either input 1 and input 2 respectively or they both operate on input 1 in parallel. If you put a cable from the Output of 1 into the Input of 2. Then you are placing Delay B to operate on the already effect added Delay A. That's the more techie answer.

      In musical terms… The eventide comes by default as a parallel delay. But you can easily switch it to be in series if you so wish. The thing I don't like is that I cannot change that simply in the middle of set with a preset change. I would love it if were possible to switch the routing via software.

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