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      I've been using the Eventide Timefactor for a while and I love it. love it so much I bought a Roland EV-5 to control it (and the ehx ring thing) better.

      While the ring thing works perfectly, I've been experiencing problems with the timefactor.

      The pedal responds very well, but when it comes to assigning which parameters I want to control, it doesn't work. I've read the manual, and I can add parameters, but can't contol the exact range, and most importantly – I can't remove parameters from presets.

      Basically, once I decided I want to control the Feedback knob (or any other one), there's no turning back. I've read the manual and tried it a hundred times. It just doesn't respond.

      My guess is, well, for some reason the pedal never gets to 100. In heel position the screen shows 0, but in full toe position it only goes as high as 84. Since un-assigning parameters requires full toe position, and my pedal can't get there, it just doesn't work.

      Any ideas on how to fix this?

      Thanks, and you're awesome 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      The TF should auto-calibrate, meaning it looks for the highest and lowest positions it sees, and calls these 0% and 100%.

      With some pedals, you can get a problem when you hit it hard it can deform a bit and go to a high value which is not encountered in normal use.

      My guess is this is what is happening to you – to confirm, power up the unit, then move the pedal gently to both extremes, it should show 0 and 100.

      If this is the case, either see if there are any adjustments you can make to the pedal to stop it going "past the end", or, try a different pedal.

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      Thank you, it worked perfectly! so many new options now,.

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