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      just got hold of the time factor and am loving it but it will not recognise my expression pedal (M-Audio)…

      i followed the instructions by inserting the exp pedal before powering up but it ain't working…

      anyone know what im doing wrong or how i can fix this…?



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      Eventide Staff

      I assume you mean that the foot pedal has no effect.  Since you give little information, it's hard to be of help.

      Make sure you understand how the pedal is programmed and be sure it is plugged in the right socket. If these are true, try a different pedal, and try your pedal in another piece of kit. Once you have done all these, we will be able to see where the problem lies.

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      When you move the pedal, does the yellow light blink next to the delay  name?

      If you were to plug in a different pedal (or the OUTPUT side of a volume pedal, or a momentary switch) into the expression pedal jack, does the yellow light now blink next to the delay name?

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      Maybe your pedal has a knob or setting switch on it that may need to be set. Check its design and schematic for such. I must confess, I know nothing of midi and I recieved a Moog EP 2 pedal with my PitchFactor. It didn't work or register with the PF and I spent 3 hours looking for reasons why on line and I was at the point of taking the pedal apart when I found a hidden/ more like disguised knob called an Attenuator which I needed to set clockwise full right. After that, I plugged it in per instructions and all worked great. Hope this helps your pedal problem.

      I will probably have a lot of use for the forums with my lack of knowledge. 


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