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      Hi, I've had my timefactor for a few years now, but have recently hooked in and my space up to a custom pedal which has additional aux buttons and expression wheels. Works like a dream. However, sometime the value of the parameter controlled by the expression wheel for my timefactor randomly changes. I have seen other ppl report this issue, but no resolution seemed to be found?

      I have tried updating, initializing, etc…. I am sure it is the timefactor as I have not go this issue with the space, and i have tried just inserting a patch cable into the expression input and the same problem occurs!

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      It could be that the knob for that parameter on the TimeFactor is a little dirty and/or stuck….

      Try wiggling that knob back and forth a bunch of times to clean the contacts and see if that helps.


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      Thanks Alan, the problem occurs for a range of parameters, and doesn't occur when nothing is plugged into the expression input.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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