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      hey guys, i've had a quick search of the forum and haven't found anything, (this could be because i have no idea what i'd be searching for)

      what i'd like to do is, i have a timefactor and a space, and the timefactor has a 3 button external footswitch plugged in via TRS, and i was hoping there would be a way to send one of those three buttons via midi to the space. ie, i have the first one already set as the bypass on the timefactor, i have the second as tap tempo on the timefactor and have that syncing to the space, and i'd like the third to be set to bypass on the space. does anybody know if this is possible? thanks

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      Yes, you can assign an aux Footswitch to send a cc message within the XMT midi cc system menu. On the space you would use the receive midi cc to assign that same cc # to the parameter or function you want. 


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