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      I'm looking for a way to perform a convincing fade-in effect with the timefactor. i love the pedal, but the fade-in on the DL-4 is greatly missed!! some killer sounds can be done with it..

      Has someone found a way to do this?

      Would it be possible to suggest a fade in function for one of the delay models in the future updates? maybe instead of one of the less used functions

      I'm aware that there is a limited number of knobs and options for the delays and we can't get everything .. but it might be useful to let you guys know i'm missing this .. a lot 🙂 thinking of putting my DL4 back in my chain for that . but it's heavy, big, and it's a tonesucker, so i'd rather stick with the timefactor..



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      That would be awesome. I haven't used the dl-4 but have used a pog2 that could do fade in for the effect or dry and effect signal.  That's what I miss most about the pedal after selling it.  

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