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      I would love to see a swell setting. Yes, there's the "swell helper" preset, but that's not what I'm after. The DL4 and upcoming Strymon Timeline have swell settings that manage the volume ramp for you so you get a consistent, nice effect.

      Not sure how this gets incorporated given the existing layout, but it sure would be a nice addition. Perhaps it could roll into ducked delay, and the Xnob could control whether you get traditional ducking or a swell. From 0-50, you're kind of reverse ducking where the overall signal ramps in. From 51-100 you control traditional ducking.

      Anyone else think this would be useful?

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      Like a Boss Slow Gear kind of thing? Like playing VH's Cathedral without wearing out your volume pot and your pinky? Yeah, that'd be cool. I could see that in either the TF or the MF, depending on how it was implemented.

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      Yes, exactly like a slow gear. I've been considering a Guyatone slow volume pedal but don't want an entire pedal for this. 

      And I don't want to buy a Timeline because I like my TimeFactor.

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      +1 on this one. This is the feature i miss the most with the timefactor. It makes me keep my DL4 in my band instead of the Timefactor.

      I would 1000 times prefer this over the reverse loop thing.

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