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      The ability to filter PC or CC independent of one another.  So that I can send only PC changes out through the thru port but filter out all outgoing CC and vise/versa. Maybe also the abillity to filter specific channels.

      I use the thru port to connect to my amp head.  CC signals screw up my amp and I only want PC changes to go to it.  If I stop all CC at the source I can't use my midi expression pedals for the timefactor. 

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      Do MIDI CCs screw up your amp if they are on different MIDI channels than the amp?

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      Yes, because the amp head receives in OMNI. 

      It's ridiculous to me that the amp maker designed it this way but that is the case.  They (Brunetti) also sell their own proprietary midi components but they are very expensive.  The modified midi chip alone is $250.  I could also buy a midi solutions event filter for $125 but since I'm unemployed and broke I thought I'd run the idea across the Eventide folks in hopes that if there is enough demand for it that it would be implemented as a future update.  I doubt that many people want or need this but I felt it was worth a try regardless.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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