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      My Timefactor went weird the other day.
      I was using a digital delay preset, and it started madly flashing though the settings on the screen. Then the settings started changing, really, really fast.
      All that was coming through was odd modulation blips and beeps. I powered it down and left it for a few minutes, then powered it on again and it was back to normal.

      This has happened a few times now and I'm a bit concerned about gigging with this thing.
      I'm running 2.03.

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      Eventide Staff

      Do you have anything connected to MIDI or USB ?

      Does it react if you bang it (not too hard !) ?

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      Nothing connected by MIDI or USB. I do have a Tap Tempo switch attached, it's a Boss FS-5u. I find I can fix it by flipping through to another couple of presets and then back to the one I was using, but thats not really practical live.

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      I fixed it!
      I got sick of it happening and opened it up to see what I could see. It turns out the ribbon cable connecting the two boards had been folded and had a nasty kink in it. It didn't seem to be damaged, but I replaced it with a new cable anyway. I also checked for dry solder joints and used compressed air to blow out a tiny bit of dust ect.

      Reassembled it, and it's been perfect ever since. I don't recomend taking it apart as it probably voids the warranty. My unit was second hand, so I just went ahead and did it (with an antistatic mat) and all is well!

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