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      i love the tf. later i'll et into using the express i tried when i first went through it.

      but for now, and to get it into use, i need someone to advise me on how to get two great sounds  side by side.

      i have a boss dd3 analogman mod…sounds gat on long delays SO i need tf to do that on one side but with tail continuing when cut off i do know how to set that default bypass.

      i think i want ducked delays–does ducked or does any tf mode have a dynamic type delay, like a tc2290 where play attack (guitar) brings it in/out?

      i'll set up the expression pedal to add feedback to the long delay.

      then on other side–two available delays right?–so i need that on one side and slapback on the other.

      therefore, my starting point will be your standard guitarist two delays setup…one for slap (albeit you might just call that side shorter delays including slap) one for effect.

      i want these programmed in/saved.

      can someone help set this up?

      then i'll toss the dd2 back in to do what it does. (or not.)

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      Eventide Staff

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you want two delay settings: short slapback delay and longer delays. You want to be able to switch between the two and have the given effect stay on when you change presets. You want both delays to be ducked as well. What you want to do is have two presets in the same bank, both ducked delays. Set one (say, delay 1 within the bank) of them to have a shorter delay time (your slapback sound) and the other to (say, delay 2 in the same bank) to have your longer delay sound. Then, in the global settings, make sure you have the bypass set to DSP + FX. That should do what you want it to. 

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