Timefactor Hertz, only up to 3, WTF?

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      I just got my new timefactor.  I love the thing . . . . . . except . . . the vintage delay mod setting only allows up to 3 Hz.  My other Cheapo delays do better than that.  C'mon Eventide, this lack of hertz hurts your product line, and reputation.

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      Sorry to hear this. Lack of hertz hurts!  haha

      I don't think anyone has compained about this before, but the beauty of upgradable stompboxes means it may be possible to add more hertz in a future software release.

      In the meantime may I suggest you check out the Eventide ModFactor, which has more emphasis on the modulation side of things.


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      Yes, that's the one thing that's really bothered me about the TF, pretty certain I brought this up before as a feature request. That fast mod rates is one thing that makes things like the Blueface MXR Digital Delay so great.

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