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       I've bought my TIMEFACTOR just a few days ago, I've almost understood how to use it properly but I'm very disappointed by the lack of tap tempo control in bank mode, at least unless you don't have an external pedal to do te job.

      I wonder if there's any of you out there that could help me solve the problem, if there is any tip about how to change the tempo setting of a patch by using the TF footswitches.

       I own an external pedal with a mono jack that I could try to use,  i've tried to link it to my TF but so far I've only been able to controll the "repeat" function..maybe I should learn how to program the TF and let the external footswitch tap the tempo.

      I wonder If could be possible to program the TF in a way that the external footswitch can select the "bank" mode while the internal tap footswitch can still control the tap function (I hope I've been clear enough about my ideas!:)

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      You can program an aux switch to do the things you mentioned. The User Guide describes how to do this and lists the various functions you can have the aux switch perform.   If you are only using a single aux switch (with only one button) then you must use the "T+R" aux switch setting. For example, to tap tempo on your aux switch you would assign "TAP" to "T+R" in the SYSTEM/AUX SWITCH menu.

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