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      I’m a long time owner of an HX Stomp (since 2009). Last fall I bought an HX Stomp and love the sound of the two together. This past month I’ve been trying to connect the two of them via MIDI and failing miserably at it. Currently what my hope is, is to use the HX stomp to send MIDI messages to the Timefactor so that when I change a preset it automatically on the stomp it calls up a preset on the Timefactor AND that I could use the a preset button on the Stomp to activate or bypass the Timefactor effect. It appears from the literature with the Stomp, as well as the settings that such uses are possible but I can’t seem to figure them out.

      Currently any preset I turn to on the HX stomp also changes the preset on the Timefactor (timefactor presets move up chronologically one by one in line with the Stomp) even though the settings seem to indicate that no MIDI message should be going to the Timefactor.

      I have gone through the MIDI settings with both manuals and can’t seem to understand it.

      Frankly I’m unsure if it is a question of the Stomp or the timefactor, but I have updated all of the software on both devices to the most up-to-date. Anyone else going through a similar hookup? Thanks


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      Sorry. I just noticed. I’m a longtime user of the Timefactor, not the Stomp lol. Can’t seem to edit the post after posting though.


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      Eventide Staff

      When in preset mode, the HX Stomp limits what you can do with MIDI, and that’s why it only allows consecutive access to presets on other devices.

      The key to do what you want is using HX Stomp’s Command Center and running the switches on the HX in Snapshot mode. Here’s a video explaining things: https://youtu.be/IjSYo7hZHlM

      With snapshots you can program up to 6 commands per button including PC & CC messages, which means you’ll be able to jump around the presets on the TimeFactor without going consecutively.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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