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      Hi everyone,

      I have 2 guitars and two amps. One guitar goes into one amp and the other guitar goes into another amp via the Timefactor's 2 x I/O channels.  But, it seems only one of the two AB effects is being used by each guitar.  I want both quarter note and dotted eighth note delays being used by both guitars going through to their respective amps.  Is this possible?


      Electric guitar going through I/O channel no. 1 to a Marshall amp.

      Classical guitar going though I/O channel no. 2 to a Trace Acoustic amp.



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      Given To Fly

      The I/O on the TimeFactor is actually two independent channels so you won't be able to get both delays on each guitar by plugging directly into the TimeFactor. However, if you have an ABY box that will support two inputs and one output (two guitar into one amp is the usual purpose) you can run that output into the TimeFactor and then run both outputs on the TimeFactor out to your amps. That should give both guitars both delay signals. 

Viewing 1 reply thread
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