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      Note: I have updated to the 3.0 software.

      1) I switch banks often during a gig. When using an expression pedal and switching banks the new bank does not retain the existing setting of the expression pedal. In other words, if I set toe to long feedback time and heel to short and I am playing a song with the expression pedal toe down for long feedback if I switch to another bank and have the same long feedback setting for toe the feedback dies and I have to wiggle the expression pedal to get it to recognize the expression pedal settings. Each bank needs to recognize the expression pedal setting where ever it is at the time of bank change.

      2) I use the FS3X pedal as well. I have it set up in the Aux to operate as FS1, FS2, & FS3 therefore alternating to allow all 6 buttons regardless if I'm in bank mode or play mode. I primarily use bank mode using the FS3X to change banks. Currently in this setup if you hit the FS3X bank 1 for instance twice it deactivates the effect. This should NOT happen in my opinion. Thats why I have the first button on the Timefactor in this mode. It is too easy to accidentaly turn off your delay setting live.

      3) A way to clear all current settings attached to the expression pedal would also be nice. It is quite time consuming to have to undo all existing settings. Being able to start from a clean slate would be very helpful.

      4) I would like to see the User Specified Name shown on the Timefactor in Bank Mode as apposed to the underlying Delay type. Basically swap the current settings to flash the underlying Delay type when changing / engaging but leave the User Specified Name as what is shown on the Timefactor Screen.

      I really love the sounds I can get from this unit! It just needs a few tweaks to make it easier to use live.


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      For "V3.1" :

      -Option to choose dry Left&Right signals on phase or phase reversed.

      -Reverse capability for the looper.

      -Fine tune parameters via mode knob: option to choose how many secods it remains active –> 2 seconds is not enough for me and I often change delay algorithm and feel frustrated.

      Thanks for the pedals and the support !!!

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