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      I’ve had this Timefactor for about 10yrs now and in the last month or so i noticed an intermittent crackle/pops coming through as I play on the clean channel. First I ruled out the amp–disconnecting everything going through the effects loop–no crackle/pops.  Then I replaced every patch cable in the effects loop–no change (still crackles).  Then I started removing pedals in the effects loop chain–when I removed the timefactor, the crackle and pops ceased.  Then, I experimented with changing the BYPASS from “DSP with FX” to “Relay” and also verified the crackle and pops no longer present–until I engaged the pedal output.  I went a step further and powered the Timefactor with a different Eventide PS and the crackle persists.  I cleaned the pots and jacks with electronic cleaner–no change.  So, the issue seems internal.


      Anyone else experienced this? Solutions?



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      You could also try a reinstalling the firmware on your pedal, or a factory reset. I would suggest emailing support@eventide.com to troubleshoot your issues further.

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