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      Hey guys; I just bought one the timefactors pedals and have a couple of ?. first i am running this pedal thru my genz benz black pearls fx loop. it is a serial line level loop, When i turn up my preamp level past 3 on the front of the amp, it clips the pedal, but only when i hit my guitar strings. the clip remains lit when i play but goes off when i stop. I have the pedal set to line level on both the input and output. Is this normal? And my other ? is i try'd to down load the update for this pedal and it gets to 17% downloaded and it stops every time, and gives me a user name and password error. I'm logged on ,I don't understand why it is doing this? I only have a 56k connection. I don't know what im doing wrong. I have the pedal in the update ready state and the software recognizes the pedal but it won't complete the download .Any help would be appreciated.

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       Hi Floyd,

      We are currently looking into a V2.0 Beta bug with the Peak LED coming on prematurely when Output is set to Line. This should not affect the audio, just the LED itself.


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      thanx alan but im not running v2.0 i can't get the download to complete i'm running version 1.1 thanx scot

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