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      Hi, I might be doing something completely wrong, but when I use my TimeFactor in the fx-loop of my amp and switch it to Killdry-mode, there is absolutely no dry signal coming out of my amp at all. So in bypass, you can't here anything. What am I doing wrong?



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      Maybe your amp FX LOOP is a parallel type? Maybe it's configurable as SERIAL? Maybe it has a BALANCE pot to add the signal?


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      The purpose of killdry is to uh, kill the dry signal. It does this in DSP bypass as well as when not bypassed. It's purpose is for use with a parallel effects loop where the dry signal is always present.

      If for some reason you need to use killdry only when active, you could set the bypass type to relay, when killdry will have no effect.

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      Im using the Mesa Mark IV in the FX loop and i understand that killdry is supposed to kill the dry signal on the delay, but i hear NO dry signal at all from the amp…so what im hearing are just the repeats. is it supposed to function like this? What is the whole purpose and method of usage…thx guys 🙂

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      It sounds like your FX loop is in series.  You should turn off  'Killdry' on your Factor box.  'Killdry' is useful only when you have a parallel FX loop or when using it in an audio mixer with aux sends and returns.  If you were to use a Factor box in an aux send & return on a mixer without engaging 'Killdry' you would experience phase problems with your un-effected (dry) signal.

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