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      I am having some trouble controlling the TF looper with MIDI control messages, mainly because several knobs are used not for continuous functions but to choose among a few alternatives, and I cannot figure out the right control values to send for these. 

      To be clear, the TF is properly receiving MIDI control messages, the RCV MAP is properly set up, etc. This is not a problem with MIDI or connections. I can send it CC messages fine, but they're not having the desired results:

      • The Feedback B knob controls dubbing mode, but even though I've experimented with many possible values for the CC on this knob, I can't get the mode to change at all.
      • The Depth knob controls the resolution of the play speed. I have figured out values for all the possibilities except Smooth. What value should I send on the CC channel for this knob to set "Smooth" resolution?

      Thank you!

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