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      Hello, I'm looking for a looper / delay pedal with some very specific features.

      I've seen that the Timefactor in loop mode can sync its loop(s) to MIDI Clock. That's a good start! It also sounds like its easy to loop in real time (correct me if I'm wrong).  I also see that the loop can be made reverse…

      However, there are a copule questions that I couldn't seem to find answers for:

      1. In loop mode, can the output be stereo, so the looped signal goes to one effects chain and the 'dry' signal (i.e. my live guitar playing) goes to another effects chain.
      2. If yes, then how about what I saw in the manual…. something like reverse loop is mono-only (I can't seem to find it now, but definitely saw something like that last night)?

      This pedal seems *very* close to what I'm looking for.  I'll appreciate any feedback on questions 1 & 2!



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