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      I'm using the latest beta firmware for the timefactor and here are the setups I tried:

      Elektron MachineDrum mkI midi clock out -> timefactor

      Dave Smith MoPho midi clock out -> timefactor

      Both playing an internal sequence.

      Hooking either of these instruments directly into the timefactor looper with auto play enabled.  The first pass through they would be marginally close to on time, but after just a couple loops they would be noticeably off.  If left to play it continues to drift till obvious syncopations are present.  

      Timefactor midiclock out -> Elektron MachineDrum mkI

      Timefactor midiclock out -> Dave Smith Mopho

      Using the timefactor as the clock source keeps the loops in time for extended lengths.  This is the setup I've continued to use as it's the only way I've found to keep it in sync.  

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