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      Hi there @ Eventide,

      is there – by any means – a chance to get more looping time (apart from getting soundloss by dialing in halftime or more).
      maybe by choosing to have less presets?

      the looper function is sooo useful, but 12 secs so often isn't enough. if it would be at least 20 secs in high quality…

      i know i ask a lot and maybe it isn't possible.

      alternatively: is it possible to save a bit more of the high quality sound in halftime looping?!

      thanks and best regards.


      p.s.: still waiting for that "negative ducking" – delays get louder if you play louder, stay decent if you play soft. anyone?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – not likely in the current product. To increase the delay time would require increasing the memory capacity, which would significantly increase the cost of the unit.  We'd like to, but it would be so expensive that nobody would want it.

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      isn't it possible to make a lofi looper/sampler (half sample rate, double sample time!)?

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      Eventide Staff

      It is possible and it is what we do – in the TF looper you can increase the loop time by a factor of 4, at the cost of cutting the HF response.

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      Honestly, Nick, I still think Eventide should at some point expand on the very interesting set of looping controls you've built into the TimeFactor and offer a full-fledged looping pedal.  Or at least add a reverse-loop option to the TF.

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      Eventide Staff

      It's something we think about ..

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      Do you think about a Loopfactor (or whatevver it  would be called ) or about the Reverse-function ofr the TF-loops ? As mentioned in an earlier post – I believe that a looping pedal with the function of the TF-loops plus some additional functions would be THE looping device !!!!! I still hope for it……

Viewing 6 reply threads
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