TimeFactor: MIDI Control of Encoder Knob For Changing Delay Type

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      Is there anyway to do this apart from creating dummy presets of each delay type? Seems we have control of all the other parameters for a delay apart from the Delay Type. Would  be nice to have this so I can control all my presets from my MIDI controller via CC rather than have a Hybrid mix of Midi CC messages and Preset calls.

      Also I have started making a spreadsheet mapping all of the 0-127 values for a CC bank and what they correspond to on the TimeFactor. i.e. what numbers map to a dotted 8th delay etc. I am guessing this doesn't currently exist? If it does would someone please share it with me and save a TON of my time! 🙂


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      Eventide Staff

      There is no direct way to do this. But, since it is unlikely that you will only want to change the effect type, creating a new preset is the way to go.

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      Thanks for the reply. I am actually setting all the values by MIDI. I had planned on not using any presets on the TimeFactor, but have everything controlled via my MIDI controller. Sounds like I will just have to create dummy presets just for each Delay Type. And then I can set the parameters via MIDI. Thus giving me unlimited presets.

      So I am guessing Eventide doesn't have a complete mapping of CC Values to the parameter values? I've been going through them and creating a document which has them all in. I think this should be in the manual or a supplement document. I am willing to share it when I am done. Is this something Eventide is interested in? It's taken me a LOT of time to create what I've got so far.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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