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      Hey there,


      I have an electronic drum kit that I used to hook up to my keyboard (kit’s MIDI OUT to keyboard’s MIDI IN). The keyboard then connected to my computer via USB.


      This was plug and play and never gave me an issue both playing VST instruments with my drums and the keyboard.


      I got rid of the keyboard and I’m trying to do the same thing with the TimeFactor.


      Drum kit MIDI OUT to TimeFactor MIDI IN and then TimeFactor to the computer via USB.


      I set my TimeFactor to THRU and I am not seeing a MIDI signal from my drum kit.


      Is it possible to achieve what I want to achieve with the TimeFactor?


      Thanks for your help!

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      Eventide Staff

      Unfortunately, you are probably doomed to be disappointed.

      The TF will support either (DIN5) MIDI, or USB. It won't do both.

      This is because the USB was initially implemented mainly for updates, it was not really intended for use as a MIDI controller.

      You might consider that when the TF was designed, almost no stompboxes had either MIDI or USB.

      Obviously the world has changed since it was introduced, but it is what it is.




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      Thanks for letting me know.

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      Eventide Staff
      rockstarmind wrote:

      Is it possible to achieve what I want to achieve with the TimeFactor?

      Maybe you can get a MIDI to USB cable to achieve that, using TimeFactor's MIDI output instead of its USB port.

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