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      Hi All,

      I have had my Timefactor for about a month now; absolutely fantastic delay.

      I just purchased a Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro to control my rig via MIDI. So far I have been unable to get the Timefactor to accept either CC or PC messages from the GCP.

      MIDI path is as follows;

      GCP –> Voodoo Labs Pedal Switcher 1 –> Pedal Switcher 2 –> Line 6 M9 –> Timefactor

      All of the pedal switcher loops are working and I can change scenes (presets) on the M9. Nothing works on the Timefactor however and I have exhausted all fixes I can think of.

      I checked the MIDI cable between the M9 and Timefactor and its working correctly.

      I confirmed that the GCP is set to transmit on channel 2 and confirmed that the Timefactor RCV CH is set to channel 2.

      I set RCV CTL ACT<02 and BYP<01.

      I confirmed RCV MAP is set to default  0<1:1, 1<1:2 etc.

      In theory, if I send program change message 0 from the GCP it should switch to bank 1:1 but nothing happens. Same if I program an Instant Access button to send CH2 CC001 it should bypass the Timefactor but again, nothing happens.

      I'm sure I'm overlooking something basic and abvious but I am new to MIDI and am now starting to get seriously frustrated by the experience.

      Any and all help sorting this out would be much appreciated.

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      Eventide Staff

      It's quite likely that your problem is unrelated to your TF and is caused by some of the other equipment.

      To find out, connect the GCP directly to the TF and see if you still have the same problem. If you do – read the manual many times, paying particular attention to MIDI Learn mode.

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      I agree with Nick, it is probably due to something in the chain preventing the TimeFactor receiving the midi messages….. Possibly due to something set to OUT rather than THRUOGH…not used an M9, but have used and M13 years ago, given the chain you have suggested I would say you want everything set to THRU, rather than OUT….except for the GCP.

      pThe GCP and the TimeFactor definitely work together as I ran them both for a while.

      How many midi ports are on the M9? If there are 2 …in and out…. See if there is something in the config to set the out to "thru"… If there is a dedicated "thru" port…make sure you are using it.

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      Thanks Guys,

      I got it sorted and everything is working perfectly!

      I started with the GCP direct to the TF and it worked perfectly; therfore the issue had to be with the M9 not passing messages through. Instead of messing with the M9, I set the TF to through and reversed their order in the MIDI chain GCP –> PS1 –> PS2 –>TF –> M9

      I read some older posts trying to find the solution and there were several complaints that the TF couldn't be bypassed using Program Change messages. Under RCV MAP I found 125>BYP and it works perfectly when called.

      I have also set one of the IA buttons to BYP so I can bypass the delay within a preset.

      Very cool rig now that MIDI is working. The Timefactor is an incredible delay!

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      Glad you got it working

      Another good reason for having the TimeFactor first in the MIDI chain  is that you can set the MIDICLOCK on the TimeFactor and then sync the M9 to the same tempo… So all the time based effects will be in sync..

      have fun 

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      I'm looking at my Timefactor settings now. I am assuming you mean CLK OUT should be set to ON to sync the M9 to the Timefactor. I have also set the XMT CH to 1 which is the M9 RCV channel. Does this sound right?

      According to Line 6, there is nothing to be done on the M9 from a setup perspective to sync up to MIDI clock.

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