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      If I enable the MIDI Output Clock, will that output MIDI tempo and change the tempo being sent as I change saved presets?

      I’m wanting to sync another pedal (my Cusack ‘Tap-A-Whirl’, a tap tempo tremolo) to the tempo I have previously saved in my TimeFactor.  I have MIDI out being sent to my Line6 M5 right now, but I know that it doesn’t change with presets.  It only changes the tap tempo of my M5 when I physically tap tempo into my TimeFactor.  Hopefully I’m making sense.

      What I’d love is if TimeFactor can output tempo and that change WITH saved presets and not just when I physically tap in a new tempo.  Is that what enabling MIDI Output Clock will do?  This doesn’t seem clear…

      Thanks for any help or clarification!


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