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      Hey everyone, I
      need some help. I have done some research on my stuff. I have read (and I hope
      it was all true) That I can have my stuff work the right way.

      I have a Timefactor
      and a Voodoo Labs audio switcher and GCX Pro.

      I am wanting to set
      it up so that I can changed banks when I select a present. But also have my
      external tap (which I built that is a TRS cable to the external expression port
      on the GCX) to be able to tap the tempo if need be for songs.

      I am very new to MIDI and Controllers. SO I need some help here on what
      values I need to do in the trees to get this thing to set up right. I thank you
      guys in advance!!

      PS- I have the MIDI
      out of the GCX going to the in of the audio switcher and the out going to the MIDI in on the Timefactor.

      PSS- I know I have to have the Tap to CC of somesort I believe

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      The best suggestion I can think of is to connect the out of one of the loops on the GCX to the expansion pedal in of the TF. You would then go into the TF and program that button for time tempo. then you would set up an instant access on the Ground control. Once that is all set-up you should be able to control tap tempo from your ground control through the GCX.

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      You can go the midi route if you like, or you can simply use one of the loops as a momentary switch and connect that loop on the GCX to the TF via the aux switch ports and set it for tap tempo.

      That's the way I have mine setup now because I have 2 factors and trying to do preset changes and midi tempo from an external controller is a pain. So I keep tempo stuff via aux switches and change presets via midi.

      Good luck,

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      I have found a better way to controll tap tempo with the Groun Controll pro. I have assigned an IA function to send a Midi CC message to the tap tempo in the Timefactor's midi input. 

      Go into TImefactor's RCV CC menu and assign the tap tempo cc to any value that is not already being used. Then, go to the GCP IA menu and assign any of the 8 IA swithces to send a CC message to that CC value. Then you have a dedicated tap tempo button on your GCP for all presets and you don't have to utilize a loop.

      I hope this helps. 

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