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      I was hoping someone may be able to shed me some light into my parallel loop mixer and Timefactor setup or point me in the right direction.

      I am running a gigrig wetbox as a parallel loop FX Loop mixer with mix set to 50:50 (A:B) with the Timefactor and a reverb pedal in the loop of the mixer. The killdry is on and I have been using DSP+Bypass Mode.

      I use various output levels (output in Killdry mode) on my timefactor to control the level of delay in the mix based on TF presets. If I am using varying levels of output on my TF will I be effectively reducing my volume output from my wetbox if the TF output is anything less than 50 in the killdry mode? How would I get this flexibility yet blend the delay with my original signal?

      Also I would like to be able to maintain my level of reverb regardless of the mix of the Timefactor. Would this require me to use another mixer idependent of the mixer used to blend the Timefactor?

      It is all rather complicated but I am trying to get the most out of my TF effects by blending with my original signal while maintaining TF Level flexibility.

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      It sounds to me like the thing you would want to do is put the TimeFactor out of Killdry and keep it out of the gigrig wetbox (and just keep the reverb in the wetbox.) That way the reverb level will remain the same regardless of your TF delay levels.

      If you don't want to do that you may have to get another wetbox so you can have TimeFactor in one and reverb in another. (Or use a mixer with 2 aux sends.)

      With the way you have it set now, the reverb level is going to depend on your Delay level, which is not what you would always want.


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      Sure I have considered this, but I did like the tone of a blended Timefactor. The question im really after is If I use only the Timefactor in the loop of the gigrig wetbox (With wetbox blend set to 50:50) and the Kill dry setting ON on the timefactor, will my signal output from the wetbox be reduced if I use a Timefactor output less than 50?

      If this is the case then I could only get away with blending the Timefactor with the Killdry Setting Off as I want to change delay level based on timefactor presets without signal loss.

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      When Killdry is ON, the Mix Knob acts as a volume control for the wet signal. (It no longer blends wet/dry.)

      If you turn the Mix Knob to 50% with Killdry ON, your delays will be quieter than with the Mix Knob at 100%.

      Your orignal dry signal level, however, will not change using the wetbox configuration you described.

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