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      I've just got my TimeFactor and ModFactor synced via MIDI clock, but I have a question!

      Is it possible to have the TF send tempo to the MF on program change, without re-tapping in the tempo? Currently it syncs only when tap tempo is sent to the TimeFactor (via MIDI – I am using a Disaster Area controller). 

      Ideally, if i were to change presets on the TF which have different tempos saved, the MF would track along automatically, but this does not appear to be the case!

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure that Global Tempo is off.

      There was a bug where MIDIclock tempo was not updated on loading a user preset. Make sure you are running the latest version ( 3.5.0[4] ). If this is not it, there is a new version due in a few weeks which should fix it.

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      Global tempo being off on the ModFactor?

      Also, the TF is running the latest firmware, and the MF is running the new beta firmware.

      Thanks for  the reply! 

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