Timefactor/Modfactor MIDI sync issues – resolved or not?

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      Hi folks,

      The nature of my musical project dictates that I need to be able to sync my effect times (delay times, tremolo speeds, LFOs etc.) to an external MIDI clock. I have been researching different effects units for quite some time and had settled on the Timefactor and Modfactor. I was just about to purchase them (I literally had my credit card info entered on the site) but I thought I'd check the user forums first. To my surprise I've found numerous threads which allude to MIDI syncing issues with both of these pedals.

      What is the deal? Will they sync properly to a standard MIDI clock? What about MIDI Time Code? I am unable to decipher whether or not these issues have even been acknowledged let alone resolved, but I will certainly be holding off on purchasing until I can get a clear answer . Any info/insight would be very helpful.



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      Eventide Staff

      No MIDI timecode. This is a guitar pedal.

      We think that MIDIclock performance has been significantly improved – the views of our users vary.

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      I sync a TF and PF to an Echoplex Digital Pro and they lock in, and the loops can get long.

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