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      I purchased a rack gizmo ,ground control pro,and have the modfactor and timefactor,waiting on the space.

      I have one midi cable going from the rack gizmo midi out to the time factor midi in,and from the timefactor midi thru to modfactor midi in.

      The time factor changes patches but the modfactor won't 

      If I reversed the wiring eg rack gizmo out to modfactor midi in the modfactor will change preset but no the timefactor.

      I have tried several midi cables without success

      The midi devices are on different channels

      Am I missing something,or haven't set something up

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      With the Ground Control Pro, you will need to assign each device on the pedal board. Then you will need to program each setting for each unit on the GCP. I control a Timefactor and Pitchfactor in the exact same configuration as you describe with remarkable success.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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