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      Hi all

      I'v got both a modfactor and a timefactor on my pedalboard which I have been successfully using for all of my delay and modulation effects for a couple of years now. 

      Last night during a gig however both of them kept resetting due what seemed to be insufficient power?! There was no problem at all during the soundcheck with both pedals firing up perfectly and operating perfectly. The problem started intermittently at the start of the show but grew worse throughout the show by the end of which both were effectively unuseable and in permanent reset it seemed. Fortunately, the pedals go into passthrough mode so at least I still had sound. Both pedals were originally on my Voodoo Labs supply (which has always worked fine for me) but as soon as I started having problems, I had my roadie switch them over to their own separate wall warts but that did not help unfortunately.

      I originally thought that the problem could be to intermediate voltage drops on the supply lines but this was a professional PA set-up with good power conditioning. Also, it would not explain why the problem would increase during the show. So, I am wondering whether it could be due to increasing temperature/humidity (the gig got really steaming by the end)? I have had this problem only once before in a setting where the power conditioning was really poor.

      Any ideas on your side what could be the cause of this and how to alleviate it? I thought of some possible solutions but not sure whether they would help or not. Assuming that the problem is that the pedals are not getting enough power, I could: 

      • switch to 'oversized' wall warts with lower output impedance?
      • solder some additional decoupling caps on the PCB (after the rectifier). This might actually lead to even larger in-rush currents at start-up which could make the problem worse?
      • use some form of UPS (but I really do NOT want to drag this to every gig)

      Have any of you seen this problem before? Your help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to be able to rely on my gear during a gig

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