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      I'm having trouble understanding how modulation works on my TF moddelay. I supposed A and B delays were modulated the same way but it doesn't seems so:

      – delay A modulates even at 0ms delay setting while delay B doesn't

      – delay A seems always being modulated deeper than delay B

      can someone explain?



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      I don't know 100% how it works but some of the waveforms you can choose are mono and others are stereo (on the X knob if I remember correctly). I guess if A and B modulated exactly the same way the  effect wouldn't be as interesting, especially in stereo.

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      Thanks Lanefair,

      I know the X knob function and the stereo waveform settings but as already mentioned delay A has always a deeper modulation than delay B and delay B doesn't modulate at all with a 0ms setting no matter which waveform I choose while delay A always does…

      I think user documentation about how algorithms actually work in lower end effect units has always been very poor to be fair.

      I hope eventide will improve that in the near future!

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