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       Hi , i would like to know as i readed the full manual and was unable to answer my question  : can you set the number of repeats in the multitap section ; as you can on a deluxe memoryman with hazara? . 

      And my second question is how many midi devices can you control at the same time with the time factor , and can you send both at the same time program and control change messages ?

       Thank you so much for your answers as it is fundamental that i know that before i purchase it and so on build my rig. Thanks .

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      TimeFactor's Multitap effect does not have a specific knob dedicated to the number of repeats, however by using the combination of Dly Mix, Feedback,Taper, and Spread, you can control not only the number of repeats but also the rhythmic patterns of the repeats!

      To answer your second question, TimeFactor's Footswitches can transmit program change and TimeFactor's konbs can transmit MIDI Continuous Controller Messages. To transmit both at the same time would require both pressing a footswitch and turning a knob.


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       Thank you for your answer . Still i got a few doubts .

      Can i set the EXACT number of repeats and is the limit of repeats  limited to 10 ?

      Can i send with one tap a program change to numerous midi devices (and if  yes how many ) ? Is it the same with control change messages ?

      Must the time factor be in a specific mode to send midi control  and so must my signal be affected when i want to change a program of another midi device ? Is it practical in live situations ?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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