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      I was messing around with a video descibing the mutlitap delay mode and noticed something odd. The manual says that with a spread of 5 the delay taps are all equal, but with mine the taps get a bit quicker even set at 5.   There's about a 70ms difference between the length of the first and the length of the last tap with a gradual transition between them.

      the video is here if it helps for reference:


      I have the 2.4.1 firmware. Has anyone else noticed this?

      Thanks, Andy

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      Try putting the knob exactly in the center position to get perfectly spaced delays.If its not in the center then you mite get slight uneven spacing (even tho the display shows 5).Hope this helps

      Amey Rairikar

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      Hey Amey,

      OK. Thanks. That correlates with what I heard. It just surprises me because the readout doesn't change.

      Are there any other parameters that give a number readout for the setting but are actually continuously adjustable within that setting?

      Best, Andy

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