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      Sorry if this is a common issue…I searched the forums and couldn't find any info. 

      So, I'm trying to update the firmware, and when I connected the Timefactor to my PC via USB, it didn't appear to "install" correctly.  In fact, when I go to Start>Devices and Printers, the Timefactor shows up as a device, but with a yellow exclamation triangle symbol meaning that something isn't quite right.  The windows troubleshooter wants me to reinstall the driver, but that process doesn't seem to do anything.

      When I try to run the UPdater, it can not find my Timefactor.  I'm running Windows 7 64-bit,.  I hope that's not the issue. 

      I checked to make sure that the Midi clock was set to off.

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      Eventide Staff

      Yhis is the same problem that a number of our other people have encountered.


      I'm afraid my current best advice is to use an XP box or a Mac – this is a rare issue with a very small number of units and XP/Vista – you got lucky – sorry.

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