Timefactor pet peeve. Is it by design, or a bug?

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      OK, I'm going to finally ask about something strange my TF has been doing since day one, and after various firmware upgrades.

      When I do a simple Digital Delay setting where delays A and B are the same time setting (let's say one quarter note) and both A and B are at 10, the first, third, fourth, fifth, and onward repeats are loud and clear, but the second repeat is completely gone. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I turned the mix toward A or B, which fades the 2nd repeat back in. My only conclusion is that the second repeat for either A or B is out of phase. To combat this, I've only been using one delay or the other, and with more complex delay sounds this is not an issue because the delays are set to different settings. Really this is just an annoyance, but it's weird.

      Again, it has done this in various software versions, from 1 to 2 to the 3 beta.

      Apologies in advance if this is covered on page two of the manual, or if it has been answered elsewhere. I did a quick search and found no answer.

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      Just curious…. are you using the TF with a mono output or a stereo output? If you're using mono, it could be (but I'm not sure at the moment) that the two delays are, as you suggest, out of phase and when summed to mono, are cancelling each other. I'll look into this more later and see if I can verify it, but I think this may be what's happening.

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      Yes, exactly what I'm thinking. It's strange.

      I've been using it straight through mono. Perhaps what I need to do is test it in Stereo. I should then hear both sides, but the phase issue should be obvious. (Anyone who's ever wired a speaker out of phase knows what I mean.)

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      I notice it when i was comparing the copy cat presets on both the timefactor and the pitchfactor. The PF stayed dry , the TF adds some degree of modulation to the tail end (even with zero mod value). when i brought in the B Delay i had to add feedback on the TF. Now, the whole out of phase thing is beyond me but this was back in v2.0 though

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