TimeFactor pitch glitch during Tempo Change (V1 Software) — Bring It Back!

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      If any other TimeFactor users miss pitch glitch *feature* that happened  when you changed Tempo — via tap tempo, please post your comments here.

      Maybe if there is some interest the development team will bring it back as an option.  It was in version 1.0 of the software and was removed in V2.

      I for one really liked it.. and found it useful.

      You can hear it in action on this short demo I did:


      Happy Holidays,

      Dave Gilden
      (kora musician / audiophile / webmaster @ http://www.coraconnection.com  / Ft. Worth, TX, USA)

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      I,ve just bought TF with 2.0 software version and I'm bit disapointed couse I'm not getting

      that glitch sounds when turning the dly time knobs. I love to improvise using those sounds.

      All other well known delays on the market have it. PIty.

      All the best to whole Eventide staff.

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      It should be a selectable option, not fixed.

      I would be dissapointed if I had a glitch when re-tapping in  the tempo during a song.

      Thats my alternative view Big Smile

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