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      Could one use the timefactor with a different power supply other than the one from Eventide? If so, which ones?

      Pedal Power 2 + ?
      DC-Brick ?
      T-Rex ?

      All of the above?


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      The Fuel Tank will not supply sufficient power. But I'm using with success now a One Spot with the converter for Line 6 pedal. But don't forget the converter!!!! (bought from Visual sound too)

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      Thanks for replying! what kind of converter are you referring to? could you post a link where I can find one?

      Thank you!

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      The L6 converter you can find on this page : http://www.visualsound.net/1spot.htm

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      The L6 converter you can find on this page : http://www.visualsound.net/1spot.htm

      Thank you!

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       I`ve tried the one spot whit the line 6 converter, but there is a little noise that i don`t find whit the eventide power supply. Do ya have the seame problem?

      thxs Stick out tongue

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      No, not at all. I may have some little noise if I plug another effect in the same time with a daisy chain, on the same One Spot. But, the TF alone with a One Spot is OK ; I've been said that quality of One Spot is very variable. Perhaps I've been lucky with mine 😉

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      Has anyone tried using the 1-spot to power a Timefactor and Modfactor?

      The reason I ask is that this site:


      seems to indicate that the actual current draw of both pedals is 500 ma each, in which case it seems like the 1700ma would do the job nicely with room to spare.

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      Yes. I have powered both a TF and a MF with a single One Spot. Each needs the L6 adaptor. It works and doesn't work. Let me try to explain.

      When using TF and MF in the effects loop, powered by a One Spot – dead quiet and no problems using either unit.

      When running TF and MF in front of the amp – with no other pedals – there is a clearly audible 60 cycle hum. It doesn't matter if powering one or both units, flipping the sequence of pedals or using different One Spot connectors – the hum won't go away. It doesn't matter if the One Spot is powered off the PP2+ or a separate power strip.

      When running the included Eventide power supply for each unit in front of the amp, it's dead quiet.

      I found this incidentally when switching from an amp with an effects loop (where I run MF/TF) to an amp without an effects loop. The amp, even when set up to run very clean still gave the same noise. Hope that helps.

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       I agree with the above poster.

      I tried my onespot and supplies from johnny shredfreak and found the same results…

      An Eventide stomp on it's own = good, no noise all good!

      An eventide stomp + anyother pedals = bad, works but background noise is too much.

      there is a thread about power supplies already, i would read the whole thread before buying as there are options floated, then tested and found not to work.



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       Dear people at Eventide,

      We (the users of your superb stompboxes) NEED A DECENT POWER SUPPLY!

      Really guys, It's impossible to put my Timefactor and Modfactor on my pedalboard because of that darn walwart. (one for each pedal!)

      Despites the great sound of these pedals I'm really concidering to sell them and get me a TC nova/ G- system or something like that just because there is no way to put these walwarts on my pedalboard. 

      Can you at least tell us what other powersupply qualify (safely and without to worry about waranty ) for these stomboxes?

      thank you, sorry for my english.

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      I use my (Dutch) Burkey Flatliner to power both the Time and Mod – with no noise at all.

      Here's how: I run each pedal off three of the 9 VDC/200 mA isolated outlets in parallel – which gives the pedals 600 mA each, and which is clearly enough. Despite ten other pedals on the board there isn't even a hint of hiss or ground hum.

      Seems like "isolated ground" should be the mantra here.

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      All right Ralf,

      The parallel option and Burkey Flatliner will work. I have another a bit more smart solution with no need of custom cables, where after connecting 2 Factor pedals you still have 6 isolated sections with both 9 and 12V options and a total of 800mA for the remaining pedals.

      Have a look at our brand new CIOKS DC10 power supply which has been designed the Eventide Factor pedals in mind. These pedals need a 9V DC regulated power supply to operate properly. All of them draw a current around 330-360mA. A proper power supply for Eventide Factor pedals should be able to deliver a current of 400mA at stabilized and regulated 9V DC. CIOKS
      power supply provides three such powerful sections and powers three Factor pedals with the included standard Flex cables. If you have a pedal that needs 9, 12 or 16V AC and one Eventide Factor pedal on your board, you should consider CIOKS AC10. It can supply your AC and Factor pedals along with four other 9 or 12V pedals, all in isolated sections.

      If you have other questions regarding powering effect pedals, you’re more than welcome to e-mail me directly.

      Best regards,
      Poul Ciok

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      I am currently powering the following off one Gig Rig Generator:

      Gig Rig Pro 14, Timefactor, Modfactor, Turbo Tuner, Maxon CP9 Pro+ Compressor, Barber LTD SR, Catalinbread DLS, Catalinbread SFT, Way Huge Pork Loin, Way Huge Fat Sandwich, Way Huge Swollen Pickle – and I have room for one more pedal Smile

      Using the Gig Rig EvenFlow adapters for the Timefactor units.  No issues at all – and it works worldwide.

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      Using the Gig Rig EvenFlow adapters for the Timefactor units.  No issues at all – and it works worldwide.

      Are you using two Evenflo units? or are you able to power two Factors off one?

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      Where can US consumers purchase your power supplies?


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      We start shipping in May and to start with we need to ship to all our customers in Europe. Late May I'd be able to tell you who in US is going to sell CIOKS pro range. Untill then we might start with direct sales to US customers but I haven't decided that yet.

      Poul Ciok

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      You need one EvenFlo for each Eventide Unit.  Takes up MUCH less space than even a single, standard wall wart however.  The only caveat is they get pretty warm and need to be exposed to properly vent heat.  So should be top-mounted somewhere on your board.

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      "Untill then we might start with direct sales to US customers but I haven't decided that yet."

      What do you expect the US price to be (direct or through a distributor)?

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      You guys seen this device from Dunlop…?

      Not sure about the actual specs but might be worth looking into.



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      Hey All,

      I run all 3 factor pedals with the T-rex Juicy Luicy! Haven't had any Issues at all and have used them at gigs, rehearsals ect

      I dont run any other pedals of the same Juicy lucy though, i have another one for the rest of my pedals!


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      Or you could write Logsdon Audio and ask Joe to build one for you like he has for me…..i am powering 3 Eventides and 5 other pedals with no noise, and no issues other than the problem of GREAT TONE….And it came in under my budget….just saying

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      I tried the one spot with l6 adaptor to power the time factor, it does work at the cost of fairly loud hum.

      I am running 5 other pedals in conjunction with the time factor:

      1. TU-2 tuner

      2. Sparkledrive

      3. OCD

      4. Holy Grail Plus

      5. Shape Shifter

      The power supply can't do them all.  I thought of looking at more high end power supplies, but they all clock in pretty expensive.  So I did the next best thing.

      Have a pedal train double tier pedal board.  So I velcro'd and zip tied the wall wart underneath the pedal board along with the one spot.  The only real drawback, is I have to plug 2 power supplys in when I set up, the one spot (powering the 5 effects, and the single wall wart for the time factor.

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      Wow 4years and a half later, I dare to answer with a question. 

      Many power supply manufacturers launched their own BIG power supply. Here are some : 

      – CIOKS: Ciokolate, DC10, *** Power…

      – Voodoo Lab : Pedal Power Digital…

      And of course the terrible over expensive Powerfactor. such as Mondo or 4×4 from Voodoo lab. 

      I couldn't plug my factor in a one spot or something else like that. I can't imagine the latest Audi with Mini Austin tires. 

      What do you, users, have on your boards?

      My original power supply died last weekend. I have to purchase another one and I really pay attention to the Pedal Power digital. I am French so it's about 165€ (approx. 188.721USD). Really expensive but I think it would be my best alternative to power OD (x2), tuner, flanger, wha and maybe another OD by May.

      What do you think about this choice?

      Thanks a lot for your answer. 

      Best regards.


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      the power supplys that are deliverd with the german versions of the eventide pedals have poor quality. See other postings from me and other users.

      I've replaced the unstabiliced crappy units with switching power supplys from netgear routers (12V/1A) and have added extra filter, overcurrent and overvoltage protection. They cost me 4,-€ plus shipping each and have better quality than the orginal ones.

      Here are lots of postings about problems with different power supplys.

      It's not a good idea to daisy chain the eventide power supply with other pedals, they need a isolated supply.

      Best Regards


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      Dear Jürgen,

      Thanks for your reply. Your solution seems to be this one : http://www.amazon.fr/Adaptateur-routeur-Netgear-DG834G-Alimentation/dp/B00FMEDJ8E

      I am about to purchase an ultimate power supply for my pedal board. Of course it's really expensive but it will be really comfortable for years. 

      That is why I am looking for a second hand powerfactor or a new Voodoo Lab Digital or a 4×4. I would like to get some advice from Eventide users.

      Best regards.


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      If you value versatility then The Gig Rig Generator and the Evenflo adaptor is the way to go. The only thing it cannot do is AC. So little to worry about. and 5000mA is plenty.

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      Hi hywelg,

      Thanks for your suggestion. 

      I think I've found the power supply dedicated to my board. The Decibel Eleven power supply :  http://www.decibel11.com/Hot-Stone-Deluxe-Power-Supply.html

      This one seems to be compliant with my 9, 12 and 18V pedals and my huge 9V 1200mA. 

      In France it costs 170€ (approx : 192.362USD).

      Best regards,


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      Dear all, 

      Just bought a Big John Cioks (Link version) and it works.

      So good to have my pedalboard wired. Really cool power supply and not so expensive. 

      Thanks for all advice and support. 



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