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      Occasionally when changing feedback value the display will flick back & forth between values (eg 62 to 63 back to 62 over & over) by itself. It has done this for several minutes before returning to display the selected delay type. Any ideas out there? Also it occasionally goes nuts & sounds like the feedback is on 110 when it's not. Again…any ideas. It's been for repair twice. Both times I was told nothing is faulty…Am I going mad?!

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      Eventide Staff

      The 62/63 issue is because the actual value is between the two (maybe 62 and a half), and it may have a little wobble (white noise), meaning it does not know how to display it. If it worries you, tweak the value the tiniest bit in either direction, and it will settle down.

      As for the feedback, don't know. What is on the display while this is happening ?

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      Thanks for the help…much appreciated. It hasn't done the crazy feedback thing for a while. Hopefully it was just me setting the feedback too high. Thanks again…it's a great sounding pedal.

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      PS As I recall when the feedback happened in the past the display showed the delay type in play mode. It also happened in bank mode & the display showed the preset name so nothing unusual re. the display at all. As I said, it's not happened for a while.


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