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      I am a happy TimeFactor owner, but recently came across a serious error.  I am running the most up to date software version (V3.5), and using the pedal in a simple MIDI controlled looper setup.  Basically, all I want the pedal to do is stay in a constant state of "ACTIVE" status, as I engage/disengage the effect into my signal chain via my lopper system, and do not need MIDI control for bypassing the effect.  

      I have a single MIDI input running into my TimeFactor, and I only use the MIDI interface to change presets (ie bank control via MIDI program changes), and to utilize tap tempo control (via MIDI cc). The tap tempo works fine, but I find that often when I send program changes to my TimeFactor, a "MUTE" message appears very suddenly on the TimeFactor screen, and then the pedal is subsequently bypassed.

      An example would be I will have my TimeFactor "ACTIVE" on bank 7:2 (MIDI PC 14 with my MIDI floor controller), and when I initiate a MIDI program change command to bank 2:1 (MIDI PC 3 with my MIDI floor controller), I get a quick "MUTE" message on the display, but the bank change happens successfully, albiet with a bypassed and unusable effect.  When I reverse the procedure above (ie switch from bank 2:2 to 7:2), the pedal is "ACTIVE" and correct bank is recalled successfully.

      I have searched the Eventide forums rather extensively, and found several other users with similar problems.  Unfortunately I could not find any solutions; what can I do to fix this error (whether it be my setup somehow or programming) make the pedal useable again?  Thanks!

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      Haven't testet this. My pedal always goes in bypass and stays there. I control my TF with a simple midi controller with up/down switch that send program change messages:


      I only send program change commands and no bank change and my pedal goes always in bypass mode or stays in bypass mode when it recieves a programm change. No difference between going forward or backward.

      You don't need to send bank change to acces all programs/banks. 2:1 is programm 3 and 7:2 is programm 14.


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