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      This one sounds like an easy one, with a huge functional payoff.

      The idea is to allow delay B to be set to either 0.612 (for example called GR-) or 1.612 (GR+) the time of delay A.  As A delay time changes whatever the source, delay B time simply follows respectively multiplied by GR- or GR+.  The mind boggles.. Thick lush reverb like delay that follows the tempo.  Tap in a quarter note, get that golden ratio perfect fullness swimming ethereally around the beat.

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      There was an old thread where this was discussed. I believe this was added to the feature request list in our systems (although I'm sure the full-time engineering staff can correct me if it isn't). In the meantime, you can get equally effective results by tapping in a time for delay A (with tempo mode off – the tap tempo will just tap in quarter notes calculated in ms), then multiply that number by either the golden ratio or its inverse (actually 1.618 and .618) and you'll have delays that are close enough. 



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