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      Hi, these are features, that have been requested in the past and I still think, they are too good ideas to just forget about:

      so here goes (and if you can think of more – please answer here!)

      1. MultiTap: Having the possibility to choose No. of Taps (NOT always 10 taps, but maybe from 1 to 10 (or more – like in the Ultratap Mode for the H9 – i understand that this is a totally new effect maybe, but).

      This would be soooo good for Rhythmic Delays and even more strange Hall Effects.

      Even better – choose different No.s of taps for the left and right channel!!!

      2. Ducked Delay: Add a negative ducking: I asked for this so many times and it shouldn't be a brainer: Play quiet, less Delay, Play loud, more Delay. It's a special effect, but sometimes sooo beautiful! And there is only one Delay I can think about who does it.

      So give us the option to invert the ducking!

      3. Reverse Delay: Add a dynamic function: Reverse Delay "splices" your signal and plays it back. Let this splicings starting point be triggered by the Input signal. It starts when you play – this way one could more easily add backwards parts in time.

      4. FilterPong: Great Delay, great effect. Would it be possible to get a function for "rotating" instead of "panning". So the Delays go "left-center-right" or "left-center-right-center" or even random between those aereas. Of course also keep the panning.

      5. ModDelay: Give us a thru-zero flanger for modulation!!!

      That's it so far. Please think about this features or no, better just implement them! 😉

      Best regars and thanks for the greatest Multi-Delay-Pedal!


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