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      I encountered a timefactor reverse delay bug way back in old releases, found a way to work around it, and forgot about it.  Yesterday I decided to test to see if the bug was still there.  It seems to be.  Or maybe I am doing something that is aggravating it.

      I set up a reverse delay patch, set mix to vary 12% to 100% with CC, one voice only, feedback 0, xnob set to about 5 msec.  When I store the patch, load a new unrelated patch, then come back to this patch, the wet effect volume is down about 75%.  If I adjust the mix level, it does nothing to bring it back up, even at 100%.  But if i tweek the xnob it comes right back. It's as if the wet signal has gone through a master fader set on 25% no matter how much I mix in.  The mix still works proportionally, in that it now fades from a very weak 12% to a very weak 100%, dropping out the dry accordingly.

      My workaround was that I had my CC pedal set to control xnob from about 3 to 7.  Touching that pedal brings it back.  It still works.  Since I also have my mix tied to the CC pedal all the time for setting levels and I use it constantly, this hasn't been an issue.  Just more curious about what it is.

      Currently have the latest software loaded.

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