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      At band practice tonight, my Timefactor had a serious malfunction. I've never had a software issue with it the past 4 years i've had it, but at one point tonight, while the pedal was bypassed, the buttons just stopped working. None of the footswitches worked. So i unplugged it and plugged it back in…

      But instead of powering up normally, instead of coming up with "Eventide" followed by the preset number, it went straight to saying "Test1.2". After saying that for a second, it switched to saying "K_SW1" with every LED ("Peak", "Tempo", "VintageDelay" "Tape Echo" etc. etc.) lit up. When i push footswitch 2, it will say "K_SW2" until i let go and it reverts to "K_SW1".

      Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this? This pedal is absolutely essential to my sound and i need it for every gig! I play two or three shows a month in Brooklyn and Manhattan with my band. I need my pedal, and i'm scared… especially because i haven't backed up my presets recently.

      I'm about to email Eventide support, but i wanted to see if this is a well-known problem first. Thanks everybody.

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      Eventide Staff

      The messages tell us that the left hand switch (K_SW1) is stuck in the on position. It may just be stuck mechanically (wiggle it a bit to see if you can free it), or the switch itself may be damaged or fault and need replacing..

      If you can't free it you will have to contact support@eventide.com

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      Thank you for the quick response Nick! I will try wiggling switch 1 tonight when i get home from work. I just sent a looong email to support describing the issue, but i will write back to them now and let them know about your response and that I'll be trying to wiggle the switch when i get home tonight. Thanks again!

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