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      I realize that somehow this box has been out (and I have owned it since it came out) for a while now-

      and I just found this forum- I find it amazing that Eventide engineers and sales people are smart enough to design and sell boxes with the power and tone that they all have, and somehow it seems besides the point to them to not allow people attempting to use the boxes in real time performance to scroll up AND down through patches- I had assumed I was just being dense—since it is the most basic feature- and not having it has relegated my Timefactor to the sidelines since I gig a lot and need to be able to control it- I will get a three button footswitch- but actually considering the size of the box and the wall wart it is absolutely dumb to take up space on my pedal board with another box to do what any normal box should do- especially for this price-

      my two cents- and i doubt i am the only one wondering WTF—please fix it- thanks-

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      Eventide Staff

      We spent a long time deciding how to make it work. This does not mean that we were right about everything. So, the new Space works on an up/down basis, but this has its own disadvantages.

      If everybody seems to prefer the Space approach, we'll consider changing the other products, but this will almost certainly make some of our current users unhappy. No date or promise implied.

      It is surprisingly difficult to work out a way to control a box this sophisticated with just three switches. That's why the AUX switch is seriously worth considering.

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      Yeah, it's not too surpising that it was a difficult decision during the design process, at least not to me. I think the Factor pedals have a lot more in common with "rack" processors than they do pedals, and the number of presets and how to handle them are just two of the ways… A MIDI Controller works wonders…

      I'll second the consideration of adding an Aux Switch. It really helps get a LOT more out of the pedal, as does an Expression Pedal.

      Also, you can limit the number of banks, too, so you have less to scroll through. Scrolling up through 5 banks is a lot faster than scrolling down 20.

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      The best option would be to give people the choice between the two ways of displaying presets maybe in the system settings give people the choice between the current bank/preset behavior or the ability to scroll up and down presets but maybe this is not possible.

      I agree that if you change the behavior so it only scrolls up and down then some people won't like that.

      I currently use a 3 button aux switch and I can scroll down with that now. I strongly recommend that people try that as it does open up more possibilities.

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      It is surprisingly difficult to work out a way to control a box this sophisticated with just three switches. That's why the AUX switch is seriously worth considering.

      Agreed – I just bought a 3 button aux switch for my Space to make life easier but found to my surprise that the aux up and down switches only work when the pedal is in Preset mode. Can this be fixed so they always control Pre+/Pre- regardless of the pedal mode?

      (I know you can set the external switches to control tap tempo/hotswitch etc instead, but this is an ugly workaround when they are already clearly labelled Up/Down/Mode).

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