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      I've encountered two strange issues when running the TF's dual delays in series using a jumper cable.

      Okay, so I know the Timefactor's independent delays are parallel by
      default, and that the only way to run them in series is to 'jumper' the delays together with a patch cable,
      connecting Output 1 to Input 2, and Output 2 to amp or loop.

      This 'works', but with a few caveats. First off, it only works properly
      if the A/B mix is set to an even 10/10. Any adjustment in either direction
      from center causes the repeats to sound weird and slightly phased, and
      with a brightness and thinness which increases with each repeat.

      Furthermore (and this is the really strange one), if the Dly Mix is set to anything other than 10/10, playing an A note, specifically a, the one three semitones down from Middle C (c') results in the repeats of that note being shifted an octave higher (a').
      It doesn't matter where on the fretboard this note is played. 2nd
      fret on G string, 7th on D, 12th on A, etc. Same octave-up repeats.
      This effect is as clear as day when the Dly Mix is swung all the way to
      either side, but becomes subtler when you hit an 8/10 or 10/8 mix.

      Both of these issues disappear when the delays are mixed at parity (10/10).

      Can anyone else attest to these glitches? I haven't seen them described
      in detail anywhere else, and I've looked high and low. I'm fairly
      certain the brittle repeats on an uneven mix are universal for all TF
      users using the jumper method… but I'm curious to see if anyone else
      can replicate the second, stranger glitch with the A note.

      Can someone please test this with their TF, or offer an explanation or fix?  Mine has exhibited these issues since I bought it a couple of years ago, and they have persisted through each update.  The software is currently up to date.


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