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      I'm using the Looper setting on the TF, and I set it carefully so that the depth knob is set to dom7th, and I set it so the expression pedal controls the speed. I write this setting to bank 7:1.

      I switch banks and back to 7:1. I turn the depth knob, and it says TURN-> and indicates it's set to dom7th. So far so good. I record a loop. I hit the expression pedal. The speed jumps from 100 to 200. I turn the depth knob. It says TURN-> and indicates it's set to octaves. Why did it change?

      I'm using the beta 3.0 software.

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      This is an analog expression pedal, not a MIDI pedal, yes?  Do you need to program both the toe and heel positions for [Dom7th] on the Depth knob?

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      Yes, it is. The expression pedal only changes the speed, not the depth. Also, the problem I'm describing happens even if you don't touch the expression pedal. Maybe someone with another TimeFactor can verify this? It's easier than I thought to replicate:

      – Set Looper to Dom7ths, exp pedal to control speed only

      – Write setting to a bank

      – Change to another bank and back

      – Turn depth knob to verify it's still on dom7th.

      – Record loop.

      – Stop loop.

      – Turn depth knob and it will be set on octaves.

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      Hi all !

      I've found the exact same issue yesterday and i'm kinda pissed off because i've ssen your post is from 2011!

      Hey developpers!? are you working on it! that's a hell of an issue there!

      Please at least say something please.

      At the price of the timefactor, the fixes should be quicker than a year to just look at it (if it was ever done)


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      Eventide Staff

      I don't have a TF in front of me, but I think this is because when you clear the loop the looper goes to 1/4, 1/2, 1x, or 2x options only.  It actually has a different menu.  When you load a non looper preset and load a looper preset again, it clears the loop, and I guess it's resetting this value.  I can see why this would be frustrating, I'll see if we can address this for the next release.


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      So glad to finally hear a response. I'm not sure this is exactly the problem; as far as I can tell the looper MIDI messages do not function as documented either. It's deeply frustrating because the looper could be very powerful, but it is so unpredictable that I have long since given up on it. 

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